A Clear Vision Focused on HEARTFELT CARE

At Buffalo Creek Dental, our genuine commitment to our "family" of patients and staff is most often the first quality newcomers observe and the lasting impression they take when leaving!  We are energized daily to come and serve the people in our office doing work we love to do!  

Our vision statement is to create and nurture a general dental practice that provides a broad scope in services of quality dental treatment, but with an emphasis on the emotional well-being and comfort of the patient.  

Having someone come in the door as a patient and leave as a friend is one of our highest marks of patient satisfaction, but without sacrificing good diagnosis and treatment of dental needs.  

Being a clear reflection of our Christian call to service doesn't end at patient level, but in this vision should also be evident in interactions with staff and our local community.  

The facility should also reflect the care and pride we have in our call to serve.  Specifically a relaxing, quiet and comforting energy of "home" should echo throughout the office.  Technology as a tool to diagnose and treat is a must, but in my opinion should take a supportive role rather than be the spotlight.  Never should our technology over-shadow the technical abilities of our providers and especially never override the importance of personal connection.

Social Media

Facebook is a wonderful way for us to educate and keep patients up to date with news about our office or even the dental world at large!  And, well not to mention a peek at our recent shenanigans!!  Like and Follow us on the Buffalo Creek Dental Facebook page for both general information and fun updates!

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